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  • Putting You in The Driver's Seat

    This course provides the roadmap for your adoption journey. Private adoption (also known as independent adoption or self-matching) allows for you to be in control!

  • Top Adoption Professionals

    You will hear from the top adoption professionals in our country! From AAAA Attorneys to award-winning authors you get first hand, up-to-date guidance on how to adopt. You will also hear birth mothers tell about their adoption decision and adoptive couples share about their journey.

  • From Start to Finish

    By the end of this course you will know everything you need to adopt. Feel confident and hopeful that you can do this! FPA workshops have helped over 1,000 families adopt!

The Entire Adoption Process Explained in 9 Easy-to-Follow Modules

Here is what you will learn at your your space:

  • 1
    Welcome to the Successful Adoption Workshop!
    • Welcome...We are thrilled you are here!- FPA President
    • Tips for the Online Workshop
    • Read Before Moving On (We know you are excited, but this is important)!
    • A few questions as we begin...
  • 2
    • START HERE: The Legal Aspects of Private Adoption Overview-Peter Wiernicki, AAAA Attorney
    • Steps in Independent Adoption
    • States That Do Not Permit Independent Adoption (There are a few...)
    • State-by-State Consent to Adoption Statutes
    • Ins & Outs of ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children)-Kristy Blackwell, AAAA Attorney
    • ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act)-Jay McCarthy, AAAA Attorney and ICWA Specialist
    • STATE SPECIFIC: DC, MD, VA-The Legal Aspects of Adoption-Jennifer Fairfax, AAAA Attorney
    • STATE SPECIFIC: AZ-The Legal Aspects of Adoption-Heather Strickland, AAAA Attorney
    • Find a AAAA Lawyer in Your State
  • 3
    Home Study
    • Tackling the Home Study-Alison England, Licensed Social Worker & Author
    • Find Your Home Study Requirements by State
    • 5 Smart Questions to Ask to Avoid a Home Study Headache
    • STATE SPECIFIC: DC, VA, MD-Home Study Requirements-Sue Hollar, Licensed Social Worker
    • STATE SPECIFIC: AZ-Home Study Requirements-Mindy Huang, Licensed Social Worker
  • 4
    Search Strategy Module
    • Search Strategies-Katie Zimmerman, Adoption Advisor
    • Search Strategy Trends and Profile Site Recommendations
    • Avoid an Adoption Disruption-Risk Assessment Tool
    • How to Avoid Adoption Scams-FPA Member Tip
    • How's It Going?
  • 5
    Expectant Mother Communication and Outreach
    • Expectant Mother Support & Ethics-Laurie Shelton, Adoption Specialist
    • Building a Relationship -Laurie Shelton, Adoption Specialist
    • The Hospital Plan-Paving the Way for Solid Communication for the Hospital
    • Adoption Language-A Glossary to Help Navigate Meaning
  • 6
    Cost and Funding
    • Cost and Funding Sources-Katie Zimmerman, Adoption Advisor
    • Adoption Tax Credit-Current Rate
    • How To Minimize Cost in Private Adoption & Case Examples
    • Adoption Cost-Adoptive Families Magazine
  • 7
    Birth Mother's Share Their Decision for Adoption
    • Erin
    • Jade
    • Tracie
  • 8
    Adoptive Parent Stories
    • Alison & Joel's Story-FPA Members & Volunteers
    • Kim's Story-FPA Member & Volunteer
    • Q & A with Kim-FPA Member & Volunteer
    • Do you have questions?
  • 9
    Bonus Content
    • Comprehensive Adoption Resource List
    • Presenters' Links and Information
    • Join the Members-Only Families for Private Adoption Facebook Group
    • Before you go..we would love to hear from you!

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Leann & Joshua

A Giant Breath of Fresh Air

Leann & Joshua

“We were getting frustrated with the process and experience of feeling our way through the private adoption process on our own. Finding FPA was like a giant breath of fresh air. This workshop gave us a boost of confidence and sense of community that was exactly what we needed, exactly when we needed it, to see us through to our successful adoption."

Answered Questions I Did Not Even Know to Ask


"After taking this workshop I feel more at ease about this whole process. So many of my questions were addressed, and it answered questions I did not even know to ask! The adoption professionals provided information that was invaluable. With so much out there about adoption, it is hard to know who to trust. I also appreciated the "Birth Mother Support" segment, as I was especially interested in birth mother ethics. This is the workshop all prospective adoptive parents need!"
Aleks & Rachel

The Online Workshop Offered All the Information We Needed to Adopt

Aleks & Rachel

"We weren't sure if private adoption was for us. But the online workshop offered all the information we needed to adopt. The most beneficial and insightful segments were the video interviews with birth moms. It offered a glimpse into their world to better understand the decision they are making to place their baby for adoption. Also, the downloadable FPA Adoption Handbook offered helpful points for discussion when talking with expectant mothers."


  • What is Private Adoption?

    Private adoption is also sometimes called "independent adoption" or "self matching" or "direct adoption." Domestic adoptions in the United States are conducted either through an agency or with the assistance of an adoption attorney. In a domestic agency adoption, the adoption agency is an intermediary between the prospective adoptive parents and the birth parents throughout the process. In a private adoption, on the other hand, the process is pursued directly by the prospective adoptive parents with the assistance of an adoption attorney. Birth parents decide how to identify prospective adoptive parents and when to contact them; and they are able to relinquish custody directly to the adoptive parents, not to an agency. The prospective adoptive parents are responsible for, and have control over, adoption decision-making, outreach and process.

  • Can a spouse share access to the workshop?

    Yes, the online registration fee includes access to the online workshop for both persons. The one-year membership to FPA is included with your enrollment fee.

  • Who is FPA?

    Families for Private Adoption (FPA) is a group of committed volunteers who share the common passion for supporting those on the journey to parenthood. Started over 30 years, the mission of FPA is to provide support and education to those seeking to build their families through adoption. While FPA is supportive of all types of adoption, our particular focus is in drawing upon our members' collective experience to provide practical help and encouragement to people pursuing domestic, private adoption. As a non-profit group, FPA is run entirely by volunteers, almost all of whom are parents through adoption. We are concerned with preserving the dignity of all parties involved in the private adoption process and advocate for the rights of adoptive parents, birthparents and our children. We welcome couples, singles or families of any religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender identity.